With The Right Funnel, Copy, And Systems
You'll Only Work With Your Dream Clients
Convincing prospects to do business  with you  doesn't have to be a painful, bumpy process.
If you're interested in...
  • The single most powerful tool for attracting a steady stream of qualified prospects.  Most people make it far too complicated--if they know about it at all.
  • The fastest, simplest way to repel "bad apples" while attracting your best clients. You get to pick your clients and only work with people you like.
  • Tapping people's "automatic" thought processes. We all have them, and there's a simple way to access this power of persuasion.
  • Little known secrets that make resistance to your message vanish... and set you up as the authority in your market.
  • Spending 80-90% of your marketing space selling the transformation and benefits your product provides.  People buy the solution, not the product.  
  • Making the first offer your prospect sees  the most expensive. Some percentage of people will buy, making your funnel profitable more quickly. It also price-anchors everyone else who doesn't buy the high-ticket item.
  • The truth  about funnel design.  Most DIY funnels use  templates, so these do-it-yourselfers don't know what to do when conditions change.  Doing this one thing will ensure you can adapt to any situation.
  • Six  elements you must absolutely nail in order to convert "lookers" into "buyers". This is the crucible where sales are won or lost.
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